Business Description

Business Description


TAS Agro operates silos with the total capacity of over 250 thousand tons, both floor and bin storage, with possibility of rail and car shipment. Silos located in the areas of plant growing, assuring logistic convenience for manufacturing companies of the group.


The considerable volume of milk produced by the company is of extra and prime category. The modern equipment is delivered for the purpose of livestock housing and nutrition optimization. The important selection work is performed for the formation of high productive herd.

Plant growing

The company employees combine own experience with application of the latest technologies, modern equipment and machines and with effective use of nature and land resources. The improvement of land capability and farming standards is a strategic task for the next years. The enterprises use high-productive varieties and hybrids and high quality plant-protecting agents. The main components of the introduction of new agronomical technologies: partial replacement of pesticides with alternative agro-technical and biological means; surface tillage; combination of several technical operations in one pass of machinery.